So I have been on a mission tonight,it wasn't going well.

But I have found and seen some things I never knew existed. This image made me get off track, when I was looking through some auto show history pictures. At first thought it was the same as the VW spelling my bad, I guess Ford/Ghia used it on this special little beast.

May I present the 1978 Ford Fiesta Tuareg by Ghia


I seen this picture and was like does that say Tuareg ? So I had to do a little research on this.

DESERT FIESTA — The Fiesta Tuareg — a functional one-of-a-kind all-terrain vehicle — is equipped for rugged off-road recreational use. Based on Ford Division's popular Fiesta, the Tuareg was a joint design project between Ford's Ghia Operation in Turin, Italy, and the Ford Design Center in Dearborn, Mich. The concept car is built on a 90-inch wheelbase and powered by a 1.1-liter engine with a four-speed manual transmission. The Fiesta Tuareg will be a featured attraction at Ford Division auto show displays this year in 1978


Without changing the Fiesta floor pan, designers extended the roof line at the rear, giving Tuareg more carrying capacity. Five louvers in the hood provide extra engine ventilation and cooling to supplement the Fiesta-type front grille.
The Fiesta Tuareg has a raised and stiffened suspension and a wider front-and-rear tread compared with a production Fiesta. Off-road tires and increased ground clearance also prepare Tuareg for all-terrain performance.
A special heavy-duty roof rack, tubular steel front and rear bumper bars and roof-mounted halogen spot and search lights give the exterior a rugged look. Wire mesh screens protect the headlights and parking lamps.
An enlarged aerodynamic front spoiler is extended on the sides to form wheel-arch overhangs and running boards under the front doors.
Tuareg's desert-beige exterior features contrasting orange-and-brown striping with black moldings, grille, bumpers and luggage rack.
Inside the Tuareg, a fold-down rear seat provides extra cargo-carrying capacity. A split tailgate allows room for extra long loads.
Tuareg's seats are upholstered in a practical, hard-wearing tweed fabric which is also used for headlining. The same fabric and contrasting vinyl are used for door trim. The floor and load spaces are protected by a thick, brown cord matting.


Seems like this would of been a fun little car would love to find out if Ford or Ghia still has it tucked away somewhere.

Also from this reasearch it sounds like the Rabbit is what killed the Fiesta market in America during that time.



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