So I just ate two entire pineapples

I’ve ascended to a higher plane of existence. It’s time for a manufacturer appreciation post! I hope you’re ready for some hot takes.

What does that mean? Well let me tell you, my fellow Oppositelockians.

You get to pick not one, not two, not three, but... Well, no. You get to pick two. Just two. Settle down.



And then... Pick THREE models from each brand made since the year 2000 that you think are the absolute best that the company has put out. Here, let me go first before the natural fruit sugars put me in a coma.

Caddilac. I love modern Caddilac. In fact *deep breath* I think Caddilac of the past years is the best that Caddilac has ever been. And I will show you why.

Current gen ATS-V

Basically what the SS should have been all along. Finally we’ve got the powerful bodywork to go along with the go-fast bits. Shys away from the super aggressive trend, and instead just looks downright menacing.


CTS-V wagon

Interior is a real loser here, but that can be overlooked for what is realistically the most desirable car Cadillac has made in decades. Have you seen what these go for in manual trim? About the same price as a mint NSX.



Rare as hens teeth. Properly styles Everything great about the Corvette, without having to be someone who owns a Corvette (not sorry).


Honorable mentions go out to the CTS-V coupe and literally nothing else.

Okay.... On to the second manufacturer!

Volvo. Yep. Volvo.

Here’s my top three since 2000.

V70r 1st gen

The cleanest styled speedy wagon offered in the states, that perfectly bridges the gap between old and new. Low sills, high visibility, modern body panels. And that sweeeeeet sweet turbo-5.


V70r 2nd gen

A more modern take on the above, now with a manual! Where else can you get a spaceball shifter? That’s right. NOWHERE.



I’m not saying it’s one of the top 5 sedan designs in the history of ever. But it’s one of the top 5 sedan designs in the history of ever.


Honorable mentions go out to pretty much every Volvo made in the last two years, as well as the C30. I think. That's the odd little hatchback with the circular rear hatch right? Probably. 

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