Well, still not really sure what I’m doing to be honest, but I’ve been given early access to DriveTribe to “start stuff”... I guess. What I know from now on, is that there won’t be any revenue scheme for writers until early next year. It does look very much like what CarThrottle already is and there’s very few people registered (200 maybe??) and May seems to be actually be participating to the whole thing... Clarkson only seems to write articles right now and Hammond is wondering about the perks of a limited edition S5 Lotus Esprit...

It’s at the very early stage for now and very much closed (Clarkson, May and Hammond have like 100 “followers” each so I don’t think many people registered yet).

If you have any questions, let me know... I can take screenshots too.

Also created “my tribe” (damn do I feel like a 15 year old writing that) which is Daily Driven Oldies. I’ll try to focus on cars I like and enjoy, photoshoots, reviews and so on. Any article I can’t actually sell to Jalopnik, R&T or anyone will be thrown in there. Considering how slow all are at editing stuff, there should be a lot haha :)

Anyway, AMA.