And it epitomizes whats wrong with consumer auto lending right now with dealers pushing people onto either shitty cars, shitty deals, or shitty deals with shitty cars and people just signing and not knowing what they are getting into. I’m working on a customers loan. Before all of that i noticed she drove a late model Dodge Journey. But I’m processing her loan. I ran her credit and I see this: She financed $32,900 with Chrysler Capitol on a Journey for 81 months at $727 a month. How...just why? What is really wrong with people? On top of that the payments on it have been shitty since she got it resulting in a grand of interest to be added on.

So while the auto industry is singing the praises of record sales and crossovers dominating everything, let shit like this be the reminder that all of that is at a cost and we all might hurt from it.