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So I just witnessed a thing today..

I was parked next to my lovely lady's office this afternoon when I saw three bicycle riders coming up behind me and passing on my left.

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Well one of the riders was one of those hard-core riders, who had all his gear on and was riding a pretty high-end road bicycles with all the bells and whistles. The other two riders were college kids on regular bikes just riding along, not giving a fuck.

Well as soon as they pass me, the next events happened in about 15 to 20 seconds. The professional biker gets to the intersection a few seconds before the college kids (about 20 feet from me) and comes to a full stop. The other two come up behind him and then around him a few seconds later. They sail through the intersection and make it about half way through as the Audi A4 punts them like a pair of nerf footballs.


The Audi had blown through the intersection without even glancing at the stop sign exactly like they had. Myself and two other people jumped out of our cars to check on the couple who had gotten flung a few feet. Their bicycles were pretty jacked up, but they only had a few gashes and cuts on their arms and legs. The girl driving the Audi was balling, she had her phone in one hand and had her car sitting up on a curb and sticking out into the intersection.

Cops showed up, end of story.

I've seen similar accidents like this before in my area with bicycle riders just sailing through intersections, but I still just don't get it. If your on a bicycle and surrounded by other college kids driving those big-metal car things, it seems like it would be a dandy idea to stop at the stop signs. Since those car things occasionally sail right through them too.

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