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I’ve been looking at these things lately and I think I’m in big trouble.

Basically since last week a law has passed in my city that now allows this car to be a daily driver, since it is quite old now, law in Mexico City didn’t let it be driven everyday, but now the limitation will be emissions, if you come under the line, you can use it every day, and the 1ZZ I think will easlily pass.


I am going to go look at one as the picture, 2006 with 35k kms on it (too lazy to convert but, maybe around 20k miles?) bone stock and looks pretty much new, there is another black one with twice as many miles but it’s in my city and looks to be very well taken care of.

Obviously price is irrelevant because we are in different markets, these cars are about what a 2011/2012 softop Miata, but there is a reason behind it, these cars are really rare in Mexico, they only sold them for about 3 years, also as we know MR2s are less desirable to the general public than Miatas, so they never sold many at all and these cars are already showing appreciation so that’s why they are a bit expensive, but they are pretty much guaranteed to keep their value, if not appreciate further though if I bought one I doubt I’d sell it ever...


My question is, are they good cars? am I crazy for thinking about it?

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