And all of I sudden I’m seriously considering a Jeep CJ7 or YJ. Help?

Basically, I drive a ton. I bought my Tacoma which I plan on keeping a very long time in December and am already about to hit 20,000 miles(Half year/20k update in progress). I let myself start looking for something somewhat reliable and economical that’ll also be fun in the corners to drive some days to save some gas/reduce miles but mostly as a toy because I miss having a decent back road car.

But... I also want to build my skills/confidence off road without stretching my comfort zone in my new daily driver that I want to keep for a long time. And if anything, something that eats some of my trail miles will slow wear on the Taco more than something that eats more of my commuting miles, right??

If I’m honest it’s just because I’ve always wanted an old-school Jeep and where most of the CJs I see are either beat to hell, too pristine, or built into a rock-crawling monster that I don’t want, this is the perfect trail-condition rig I could get behind with the level of upgrades I want at a decent price. Save me from myself Oppo!!


Also I recently acquired a place with a two car garage and an empty spot that’s just begging to be filled