What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
Illustration for article titled So, I looked at that Corolla FX today [UPDATE]

The 1-owner, 102k miles manual FX, that is. And guess what...

It was, by far, the ***WORST*** “1-owner” car I’ve ever sat in. It was actually just a total shitbox. Certainly not a $3700 one. That was maybe a $900 car. Cracks in the climate control panel, headliner was really sagging, definitely smoked in, and shit squeaked and rattled like crazy when you drove. It was maddening. Third brake light assembly was sitting in disassembled pieces in the back. The rear seats didn’t fold all the way down for some reason.


Also, it didn’t have the 4AGE motor; it had the carbureted 4A, which makes, oh, 20-25 less horsepower. Shame on me: if it doesn’t say FX16, don’t bother. For what what it was, the engine was really solid, but it felt like it was wheezing just accelerating between traffic lights on level pavement.

I knew before he even arrived that I was in trouble. We met in one of the shittiest parts of town. Also turns out he’s not on the title, he’s “selling it for his mom.” He texted me a minute ago and asked if I wanted to make an offer.



And the search continues :)


Seller has changed his ad to say it’s an FX16. This is not an FX16 and this guy is a POS.


[another UPDATE]

I called out the owner about his fib and he changed the ad to remove the FX16 note and he dropped the price by two hundred dollars. TWO!!!!

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