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So I’m driving down the street.

And this guy pulls out from the right looking to turn left.

As I see him moving, I hit the gas, because I’m an asshole.

Swerve. Hit horn. Swerve back.

At the light, this guy says, “that was the best driving I’ve ever seen. I wash sure you were creamed. Have you ever raced? Because goddamn that was good driving.


“Nah, I’m just alert.”

“How did you know nothing was in the on-coming lane?”

“Always look one step ahead.”

That was some of the dumbest driving I’ve ever done, and I felt really bad afterwards, but kind of happy that someone thought it was impressive driving. Don’t get me wrong, if I didn’t accelerate to cause an accident, it would have been pure good driving, but I pretty much accelerated to teach an asshole a lesson and got really lucky that there was no on-coming get traffic.

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