And was pretty much attacked by everyone saying how crappy and unreliable they are (The old ones maybe, but I’ve yet to have a single problem with mine) and was told that they would rather die than drive one to which I replied “Knock yourself out, I won’t stop you.” (I know, I’m all heart)

Wow, overreact much?

Anyway, I just don’t get it? I mean, I know they aren’t to everyone’s taste, but god damn, man, get a life! People have different tastes!

I hate Ford Mavericks (They really are an abortion of design aesthetics. Don’t get me started) but I know some people like them. There are probably people that for some reason, like the Chevy Spark, and that’s okay, too. Misguided, but okay.... Why the hell would people go nuts over what other people like to drive? It’s blowing my mind......And on that note, I’m declaring any post I make today Fiat related......Fiat Friday can’t wait, today is Fiat Thursday, feel free to join me!