This guy in my union has some land and he and his brother have been going to military auctions for years. He tried to sell me an 80's diesel Blazer, I hear him buying and selling stuff all the time. So he was telling me he had seven (7!!) MB Willys Jeeps, wow, so I asked what else he had. He has three M37s, one he won’t sell. He seemed to be aiming for big sales with the MBs and the M37 would be more useful overall. They haven’t been driven in a few years but he thinks some minor repairs and fluid changed might do the trick, maybe a new carb etc... Put an MSD on it for sanity.... So... we are in the same union and he likes me, I have seen some rough-ish ones sell for 5-6K, this needs some work and I can hand paint it OD green, I said it’s veterans day and I’m a Marine, you HAVE to sell me one!! I will totally do a USMC paint scheme. I already found a place that makes the canvas covers for the back, the M37 he has all come with hard tops, which are $700 if you don’t have one. They are pretty unique, I can go to C&C and there won’t be another one around here, I can go offroad, It’s a pickup, awesome surf truck, can go top down and windshield down or cover up. It has no title, it was on a ranch for years, he says he has applied for titles, it has never been in a system. Went military to ranch truck. He will show me pics of the two he would sell next time he drives up there. I might sell my W123, but maybe not since an M37 can’t be too much to insure.