My grandparents need a new car with better fuel mileage than their current DD. That, and they don’t particularly feel too safe in their current car anymore, but I just might take it off their hands. Here’s some factory specs:

They got it fully loaded. With some extra goodies as well. But it has some audible problems and a power steering fluid leak. The noises, I think, are from a hole in the muffler and also a grinding transmission, which is reportedly common amongst these models. They don’t want the “headache”of repairs and thought it was time for a change anyways so they decided— to keep it. Yup. And get a new car at the same time. So now what, it’s gonna sit there and take up space? And that’s where I come in. I’m considering adding this to my fleet and doing the repairs myself. After all, I do need to learn, what better way then to have something I can actually work on? My CR-V is too darn reliable so there’s nothing to do there until I get more stuff for my Type-R swap on it. This has some actual problems that are considered somewhat easy to fix according to the wrenching community so why not? But, seeing as I’m a 14, it might not be a good idea. Thoughts? I’m willing to learn: let me just say that much. I’ll update with pics when they get back way later.

EDIT: here’s a list of the problems, straight up.

•transmission grinding/rough shifts

•power steering leak

•navigation/infotainment screen doesn’t work, also controls A/C

•rear lights are just plain fucked up

•rumbling fart can/tractor/diesel bus-like noise, possibly from rust/hole in muffler


•(connected with the navi and taillights) electrical gremlins, most likely due to him NEVER CHANGING THE DAMN BATTERY!!!

•engine sounds like it’s about to cut off when in reverse

•idles straight up weirdly

•other stuff I haven’t inspected/diagnosed yet