For those of you who saw my post yesterday about me possibly getting my grandparents’ 2005 Acura MDX if they get a new car, guess what: it’s gone. When it nearly sent them into a guardrail today and the air cut out they just bought a 2018 CR-V. R.I.P. the (my grandpa’s name)mobile, we used to call it. You will be missed, 2005-2017 and took us 176,000 miles. There’s a list of the problems below:



List of problems that made us put it out to pasture:

•A/C and heat failed

•engine damn near cuts off in reverse

•transmission grinding

•violent shaking over 70 mph

•leaking power steering fluid

•hole in muffler/rust

•multiple electrical gremlins (rear taillight dysfunctionality, whole infotainment/navi system dead, flickering headlights, etc.


•brakes grinding even though we replaced the pads last month

•leaks here and there

•trunk latch keeps getting stuck

So yeah, for those of you questioning why they felt unsafe in a 4800lb SUV, that’s why. It sucks, though. This was the first car I ever drove and has been around since I was 2 years old. We’ve been everywhere together and back. Sad to see it go. I miss it already. But their new CR-V isn’t bad though, it’s actually really good for the completely base model. Here’s a pic.