Background- In January/February 1990, my grandfather walked into a dealership on a cold rainy evening to inquire about a black convertible they had out front. He made them an offer and they took it (SOMEHOW!). For $13k, he had just bought a 1989 Mustang GT 5spd that had been through one owner (a lease out of Denver) and 20k miles.

Fast forward 25 years- The Mustang has been sitting for 12 years (but occasionally started) and it puffs blue smoke, which was the reason it was parked in the first place. It isn't in particularly great condition, but it also isn't a total rust bucket or pile of shit like a lot of the Fox Bodies are. It has 140k miles and only on its second owner! Now, my grandfather asked me the other day whether or not I was ever going to get around to fixing the Mustang or not... and of course I said yes! So... yeah. I'm rebuilding a car that was sitting for 12 years. The interior is completely disassembled and filthy (it is a convertible with the back glass removed... yeah. Not good) but all of it is there. The car has been beat on by some people *cough* MOM *cough* including my aunt (who spun it into a light pole at 10 MPH in the ice... SMDH) and my uncle (Who was t-boned by a red light runner in 1994... on his way to prom). Yet it is still a solid car and very nice!

Somehow, it still has a clean title even though it has been in at least two wrecks. So I guess that makes it more valuable if I ever do sell it. I need to pull the engine and rebuild it from the block up (GT40 heads, Explorer intake, Comp Cams 255DEH kit, etc) and get new gaskets and such on it. All in all I think it will take me a couple of weeks to do it all with the help of aforementioned grandfather ;)

Wish me luck Oppo! I might upload pics if I stop by to check on it tomorrow!