So I paid to get into a car meet...

The meet I am referring to is the Endless Car Movement Meet in the Colony, TX. This used to be a free for all event on every Sunday of the week.

As time went on the meet grew larger and one day they invited Evan Shanks to come. He is a local automotive YouTuber as yours truly, with the exception that he has over 145K subscribers at this point in time (I got 3.5K). That pulled people from all over the state and pushed the total cars in attendance over 2,000. The local law enforcement was involved, and soon the city was as well. The meet was shut down. Not for the obvious reasons, but for the fact that the gathering was just too large without proper permits and law enforcement in place. The meet itself was self policed. And somehow just worked. No burnouts, no excessive revving, no stupidity no nothing. Red tape brought this meet to its knees.


We were told the meet was cancelled via Social Media and that they would be back. Fast forward about 2 months, and it was back on, turning the meet into a single event per month, on the second Sunday. Proper permits in place, law enforcement in place and in the same awesome location of the Nebraska Furniture Mart. But all that came with one downside... That $5 cover charge. Everyone was saying that no one would go. The result? See for yourself:

Lots of people showed. It looked as busy as the last event. The people were awesome, the cars were awesome and the atmosphere was great. This is what a car meet should always be like! The cover charge and the resulting lines to get in is a minor setback, but the charge is per car, so you can pile a bunch of friends in there and be out exactly a buck a pop. And the lines? They started opening additional lanes, and I fully expect them to open all entry points to keep lines down further.


So is $5 too much? I personally think not. If it allows the meet to continue we’re all good. I’d gladly pay it knowing people won’t act in a manner that shuts down meets everywhere. This is legit, on the record and with permission from everyone. I am already looking forward to next month!

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