I said yesterday I’d review this Renault I rented. Be prepared for mediocrity.

Not because the car is that bad. But because I didn’t bother to take more than just this one picture. Anyway, the Renault Sandero is a 4 door hatchback with a diminutive motor by ‘Merican standards but it does well down here where the toilet water swirls the wrong direction.


I had a grand plan to take some pictures of the car and the drive up Rodovia dos Tamoios this morning but in my haste in the twisties I completely forgot. BTW, if you ever get the chance I highly recommend the drive, up or down, this little piece of Brazilian treasure road. Traffic can be heavy but that just makes passing all that more fun.

The Sandero, equipped with a 1.9L and a 5-speed, handled the drive quite well. I did this drive in an automatic Peugeot hatch and it wasn’t nearly as fun. Proving once again that stick > automatic.

The interior of this rental special abounds with the softest of hard as fuck plastics and questionably smelling cloth seating. I think there was cruise control although if there was I never figured out how to use it. There was a mystery button on the dash with an A on it? Of course the manual was not in Inglês and I didn’t care enough to Google it. There was also an absence of anything resembling door locks although I know it had them because the key fob could lock the doors. Or at least it flashed the lights and made a locking sound. I never actually confirmed the lock.


The car would cruise all day at 120kph and 3k RPM as long as you crank up the dual speaker stereo loud enough to drown out the engine whine. Speaking of stereo, the car has a fully touchscreen interface that lags worse than playing Fortnite on dialup. But it does offer Bluetooth and USB connectivity and had an English language menu option that the Localiza rep so kindly turned on for me.

I don’t know what these retail for but at the roughly $35/day for the rental, insurance included, this is a Nice Price. 7/10 would rent again.


Assorted musings:


I accidentally ordered an entire cow for dinner. It was a damn tasty cow though. Choperia Giovannetti Cambuí in Campinas. They have an English menu! And a large wine selection. Although I stuck with the chope.


The male bartender is back at the hotel bar. Not easy on the eyes like the lady bartender. But he makes a hell of a caipirinha.

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