Help me identify these wheels

So, I recently bought a new-to-me car. It came with these non-stock wheels, and I’ve been trying to identify what they are.

They are 6.5 x 15” 7-spoke 4 x 114.3 alloys.

There’s a small HONDA lettering on the outer edge of the rim, which lead me to believe they were OE fitment to some car at some time in the past, but I don’t remember ever seeing them around before.


I originally thought about swapping them for the OEM 16” BBS wheels from a T4, but these wheels actually look pretty good in the car, are in great condition and wrapped in brand new tyres, so I think I’ll just leave them be for now and replace them when it comes time to get new rubber.

I’m still curious as to what car they could have come from, though.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated!

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