No SR20 because I was driving, which is a shame because you won't believe me. It was one of these:

I'm not shitting you. I did a fucking triple take. It was parked outside an office down the street from me next to an F-Type something (I don't know if it was a coupe or roadster, it was parked next to this!). I wanted to turn around and take a picture, but I had groceries melting in the hatch.

I'm 100% positive it was one too. At first I was like 'oh, an XK-R'. Then I went 'Wait, it has the front fin that a GT?', then I saw the wing and went 'HOLY SHIT THAT'S AN XKR-S GT!'. It was exactly like the one pictured, white with two racing stripe things on the bonnet.

It was unreal. It's easily the rarest car I've seen in the wild (only 25 are coming the US according to the internets), and I'm in freaking Wichita, Kansas!


I'm going to drive past the place again tomorrow and see if it's there again, and this time I will stop and take a picture because YOLO and all that. If the owner complains I'm taking a picture of his car he can shove off because you don't buy an XK to be incognito, especially not an XK-RS GT.