The 6-er. T’was an interesting experience.

Lets get a few things out of the way first:

1: I am a full time, professional idiot. I want a challenger because apparently I am challenged.

2: I am looking deep into the future into buying the AWD version when I get a real job. Because I will be living at home to pay off my school loans (ideally), this somehow makes sense.

3: Yes, I should get a four door if I want an everyday car. Yes, I should also man up and buy a v8. No, I am not. I do have to draw a line somewhere. apparently that entails me buying a new car (also stupid, yes,) but I like owning cars extremely long term so this also makes sense to me. I would also like a big -effing warranty.


That out of the way, lets get to driving impressions

the good:

Engine: Very nice, smooth power delivery. Low end isn’t as punchy as I was hoping for. Didn’t really get to wring it out, salesman was riding along. Also didn’t try sport mode, because I completely forgot. As fast as I really could hope for/ use considering I really don’t hoon my DD as it is now that I have a project. Also money.


Interior: Also nice. Big locking glove compartment. Backseats were comfortable and with the fronts pushed up it had just as much room as my parent’s escape (which is either good for the chally or bad for the escape and modern cars in general, take your pick) leather felt kind of thin, I feel like it might have wear problems long term. Visibility was honestly just as good as my mini.

Ride: Cushy. Definetly not a sports car. GT.... yeah. It would be the first I’ve driven so what the hell do I know.



Infotainment: too many buttons. if that screen breaks, I am boned down the line, since it controlls climate/ect.


Weight: Damn that car feels HEAVY. It gripped just fine, but there is a perennial feel that it wants to rip right off the road. Size wise the car felt big, but not in a way that made it anymore difficult to drive than something else. Perhaps it is just me used to a 2600 lb mini cooper.

Salesman: Yuck. Felt rushed through the whole thing. Definetly going to the first dealership to deal with that guy who was already retired and didn’t give a crap.


Keyless start and go: What with all the thefts in europe this scares the crap out of me. I thought there would be a keyslot (or fob slot if you prefer) so there was some hope that I could disable that feature. No dice. Dodge isn’t exactly known for its security and down the line this could be a big problem.

Heated steering wheel: completely unnecessary.

Transmission: Entirely too many gears. Again, I didn’t try sport mode, but the damn thing hesitates all the time like automatics do and it drives me crazy. I’m kinda over the whole manual DD thing. I still want one in my fun car. Not that I have a choice in this instance.


Thoughts: Definitely not perfect. But barring a non-turbo AWD car that looks cool and is fun to drive for normal-car price? Seems to be the only real choice besides the charger, and unfortunately the charger just doesn’t excite me. Excited about getting a challenger, I just wish it wasn’t made by Dodge. It is peak ‘murican car though and I love that. Should performance ever be an issue after I own it long enough to afford something else I can always throw a procharger on it.