...And I no longer want an FR-S.

Holy bananas this thing is fun. It drives like a kitten playing with a laser pointer. That's the best way to put it.

Watch this video. These are not cats. They are Fiesta STs. Ford has found a way to strap 4 wheels to bonkers.

The FR-S was fun, don't get me wrong, but it was fun in a very serious way. I know it was designed solely for tail-out hoonage, but there was this level of competence that made it seem somehow less involving. Less fun. Driving it feels like it is telling you "you are in a sports car, this is fun, kick the tail out. Wasn't that fun?"

"Yes," I reply, "I'm having lots of fun. But are you?"

And then the car yawns.

The FR-S was designed to be a sports car from the beginning, and it shows. The ST is an econobox they made fast with a buttload of power and some fancy suspension, and it also shows, but instead of being a bad thing, it's the whole charm of the car.


You know when a little kid wants to be taken seriously so they act like an adult, only the way they think adults are is totally wrong and they go waaaaayyyy overboard with committing to being all grown-up? You know how adorable and hilarious that is? That's what the Fiesta ST is like. It crosses its arms and stomps around going "I'm a real sports car I have three million horsepower and I'm faster than everything and I can do everything your car can do only better and I'm the coolest and you're all jealous".

It's fun. It's silly.

So, it looks like Oppo's resident diehard Japanese car nerd will be buying a German-engineered American car later this year. In Performance Blue, with Rado Gray wheels, moonroof and the non-Recaro seats. So look forward to dogs and cats living together and other forms of mass hysteria.