I test drove a Stinger GT2 RWD today...

I have sat in it before, test driven the 2.0T. The GT Stays true to its name as one of the best Grand Touring Cars out there for the money- has the speed, handling, comfort, tech, liftback style and space to absolutely crush freeways. The GT is good, Very good, But it’s not a great car, still missing that special something that makes the Germans much better at this sort of thing.

Thank Heavens they blacked out the chrome!

I am not going into the details of the exterior interior except for the aspects that you interface with when driving as this has been discussed ad nauseam.


Key highlights/lowlights:

· As I mentioned in my G80 Sport review, Love this engine! smooth torque and wakes with anger past 3K RPM and most times you don’t even have to cross 6K RPM before you are at high freeway speeds

· Wish it were louder. Even in sport mode it’s not enough. Really needs this Borla Exhaust:

· Transmission is good, smooth unobtrusive and responsive in sport mode as long as you are not too low in the powerband when it needs a second to downshift. No complaints in a 30 min test drive at least.


· Paddle shifters feel good

· Ride is excellent. Compliant but not wishy washy

· Handles very well. Body roll is controlled but it’s there. Got the rear to step out a little bit when flooring it from a stop at turns and was fun. TC didn’t cut it too much but I didn’t turn it off because test drive. The AWD system apparently doesn’t neuter the handling from what I have researched. Have to test drive one to be sure.


· I didn’t feel the weight of approx. 4000 Lb a lot. Felt controlled. I felt the weight at lot more in the G80 Sport.

· I like the mode controller knob, no fumbling around. Just turn and cycle through modes without having to think about stopping the button at a particular position


· Car is big, but doesn’t feel big when driving. But I hate looking at those cheap ass fake chrome hood vents.

· Steering wheel is high quality but steering itself is not one the better electric ones. I have experienced much better ones. Artificially weighted in sport mode and loose in comfort mode but it will do. I keep trying to compare it the hydraulic system in my G and that is a lost battle


· Comfort mode is Quiet , subdued, smooth makes it a great cruiser, really does wake up in sport mode. I’d leave it in sport mode all the time.

· Little more road noise than I hoped, the luxury brands do it better. Hell the new Mazda 6 is Phenomenal in this area- even better than an Audi A4, but I digress. Wind noise was minimal.


· Seats are excellent! But you need the GT2 with all the thigh support and side bolstering settings. Cooled seats are wonderful.


· HUD is great. No complaints. Gauges are crisp, neat easy to read.

· Visibility out back is basically a slit. You have to get adjusted to it. Worse than most modern cars save for the Camaro.


· All controls are logically laid out. Infotainment is straightforward. Some buttons are not as high quality as they look, and they make a plastiky noise. Also the suede type material across the dash looks kinda cheap. Overall I felt it could be more cohesive in mixing and matching materials. These interior and refinement touches are where it loses out against the German competition but the fact I am comparing this to them itself is high praise.

· Back seats are comfortable once you get it. Middle hump is YUGE so seating is only for kids


· Easy to get in and out of front seat because I can adjust the height. The liftback makes it harder for ingress/egress in the back seat and I did have to bend my head sideways (5’11”). Low ride height might also be a problem if you are putting in and taking in kids in a car seat.

I like to drive this better than the G80 sport but I love how the G80 sport looks interior and exterior and I wish they would cut 500Lb from it and make it sportier. Anyway, the G70 might be the sweet spot I am looking for.


Overall, It fulfills about 85% of the hype IMO. This car is incredible value for money, especially used. Kia badge be literally and figuratively dammed. I don’t care, I’d buy one.

Speaking of which, the sales manager said he’d sell me this $45,899 MSRP one for $40,000 out the door today. Not a bad deal if he’s not Bullshitting.


If you’re looking at an Acura TLX SH-AWD, Infiniti Q50 3.0T Red Sport,the new Regal GS you should absolutely consider this.

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