Not bad. I suppose manual aficionados would hate the CVT but I thought it was good - power was immediate and a good deal faster than my current Hyundai Accident Accent. Steering is direct, even if it’s kind of vague about what the surface under the front wheels is like. The other extreme is my current car which will make it abundantly clear what you’re driving on, but I suppose that’s just me being overly familiar with a car I’ve driven for eight years. In any case, I didn’t even realize I was going way over the speed limit on the highway, speeds at which my Accent struggles and becomes uncomfortable to drive. Overall, I think it’s a good first impression. The interior was nice, I guess - I didn’t pay as much attention to that as a should have, since I was so focused on getting a feel for the driving.

I’m still gonna drive the Forte5 SX since I’m curious what that car can do, and then I’ll try a GTI, although if I fall in love with that car it’ll have to be a CPO purchase. Only issue is that Performance pack is a pretty rare option where I am, so I’d have to go to Toronto to get one in my price range. I’ve read in many places the GTI will have a lower trim level in the USA which will come standard with the PP - I think they’re gonna call it the Sport model, which is a lower trim (SE) with the PP. However, in Canada, the 5-door only comes in Autobahn and Performance - the Performance is only a grand or two shy of the base price for a Golf R, which is ridiculous.

I didn’t think I would enjoy the Civic as much as I did, but I haven’t driven a lot of different cars in my lifetime, so my experience is relative. Only issue is I want a hatchback, and I’d like the Civic hatchback a lot more if it didn’t have so many fake grilles.

More test drives to follow. I haven’t driven a new car in a very long time so this is kind of fun, even if they are just commuter cars.