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So, I think I know what I’m going to do

So I have a 2019 4Runner. I do not have a project car. I now have a project.

Ever since I sold the Cougar, I’ve been looking for a replacement. While I’d love something old and cool, my brain can’t deal with old and cool. Mainly because what the budget can afford, they are vehicles that will need more work than I’m willing to put in long term. Despite having project cars for quite a while, I’ve never come close to getting them to my final vision, whether it’s work needed, money needed, or most likely a combination of both. Then I always get frustrated and part ways with the project when it gets time for something major. I am not a fan of “patina” and ratty interiors. I like clean and shiny. Clean and shiny on rusty old vehicles is expensive, especially when I can’t fab or do body work/paint.

So for the time being, I’ll fart around with the 4Runner. Granted, saying it’ll be a project is a bit overstating what I’ll probably do to it. Mild lift, wheels, tires, and some other random crap to keep me interested. Maybe if I make the DD a little more personalized than I normally do with my DDs, I’ll keep it around longer. I’m making it a goal to get out on the trails more often, too. Nothing hardcore, but just more exploring.


My wife is onboard, although she’s generally accepting of most of my car silliness, along as the budget isn’t crazy. No, I won’t be building an Instagram overland rig, just something that I think is cool for me.

So here’s the starting point. Now begins the research, budgeting, ordering, etc.


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