We’ve been getting alot of rain here in Colorado as of late and I think some water got into my master cylinder, worked its way into the slave cylinder and caused too much pressure to build up and subsequently caused the pressure plate to fail. Thats my hypotheses anyway. We are supposed to get even more rain in the coming weeks according to the local weather forecast and I wanna fashion something up on my clutch resivour. I could use some help working it out.

All hydraulic clutch systems have to be vented to atmosphere, Ford decided to put the vent hole on top of the resivoir cap on my Ranger;

Which means given enough rain, water may work its way into the system. I want to create a filter of sorts that will still allow air in and out of the system but will limit the amount of water that can get in or clutch fluid that can get out.

I was pondering the idea of wrapping some type of cloth around the resivour but that may actually make it easier for water to get in. Any other ideas?