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So I Towed My Car...

To make a long story short, my company sent me a couple hundred kilometres away from my home in Kamloops, BC to Richmond (also BC). They offered to fly me down and give me a rental, but after factoring in all the variables, it was actually faster for me to drive AND I’d be making a few hundred dollars off it since they would then pay me mileage. To make it even better, I opted to take my MK4 Jetta TDI as I could do the whole roundtrip in one tank. Plus while I was down on the Coast, I would pick up a Jeep TJ off a friend for the winter and my girlfriend would then pick up the Jetta when she came down the following weekend to visit friends. On my way to picking up the Jeep, I hit an ungraded portion of a road that was being repaved. The jolt of the impact caused my timing belt to jump teeth and seize the engine.


Luckily it was a short tow back to Langley, where I then stored it for the winter months as my garage was full of furniture after my house had flooded. A few months later my girlfriend’s parents mentioned they’re headed down to the coast and that they would be willing to take the car trailer to grab the Jetta. Jumping on the chance, I agreed, especially since they had their Dodge 2500 for the trip. My Saab and Acura wouldn’t stand a chance hauling that thing, and even my girlfriend’s Blazer would struggle going up the Coquihalla hills while towing.


There was one problem... the car trailer was bought to haul a Mercury Comet Caliente. And it did that very well. But, well... there’s something to be said about the width of a classic versus the width of a newer car, especially when you assume older cars are generally bigger all around than most modern ones.

I’ll let the pictures do the explaining.


Even though the trailer had a hand operated winch, it obviously wasn’t up to the task of this. In the end, we had to use the truck to haul the car onto the deck (and railing). Amazingly it made the trip back up from the Coast and over the Coquihalla without incident.


This is definitely one of those “Kids, do as I say, not as I do” situations.


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