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So, I traded in my Injection for a Coquette

Yesterday, I asked for some help in deciding which vehicle in my GTA:V Online garage should get the boot, in order to make room for a new car. Although the Dinka Blista had the most votes for replacement, the BF Injection was also a popular suggestion. Since I can use my customized Blista in Compact races, and I had three cars eligible for Off Road races, the Injection was sold. I think I got around $23,000 for it. I'm sure that I took a big loss, but such is life.


Thanks, everyone, for all your input. I know it's not "real car" advice, but it was still fun, no? Anyway, here is my new Coquette in Blue metallic. I already put on a roll cage, carbon fibre roof & fender panels, stage 3 exhaust & suspension:

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If I can stop pimping out all of my existing cars & guns (pink grande launcher FTW!), I'll save enough for an Entity XF to replace the Blista.

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