So I wandered around a new car lot today

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... and discovered just how miserable it is to try and find a compact or sub-compact that lets you row your own on a dealer lot.


Instead, you find (from American automakers) luxobarge trucks occupying about 40% of the lot, crossovers occupying about 30% of it, SUVs occupying about 20% of it, and sedans and other such vehicles filling any left-over gaps.

From the Koreans and the Japanese, it’s 70% crossover and 30% anything else, excluding Toyota since they’re essentially taking the same take as the Americans.


However, I did find something amazing. Not one, not two, but three Regal TourX wagons on the lot of the Buick dealer. One of them had a decidedly almost-brown paint color. It appears they might be shifting some of them here in Maine.

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