...since I’m going on a trip to Japan in a couple of months. Being able to read is a bit overkill, but I have picked up on the basic phrases I need already and wanted to learn more. Besides, I figure having a bit of knowledge in this regard can’t be a bad thing.

I thought it couldn’t be that difficult, right? In some ways, it isn’t, but in many, many other ways, it is pretty bad.

Hiragana isn’t too bad and while I still stumble the characters are all familiar and I know the sounds. Katakana is not so good, but the fact that kanji is thrown in there and that they’re all used together is a bit of a mindfuck. Reading will take a while to learn, and I’ll still be slow in two months time. Still, it’s kind of fun to learn yet simultaneously frustrating.

At least when I picked up French, it still used the regular alphabet (what the hell do you call it? It’s not an English alphabet. Is it Roman? Latin alphabet?) and you threw some lines in for accents. Korean has one simple alphabet, although they do have hanja which is only used in specific settings. It’s strange learning a language when you’re nearly thirty years old and it’s basically self-taught. However, I couldn’t imagine doing this by myself even ten years ago - the online tools available these days are pretty awesome.

Are any oppos multi-lingual?