So I'm on my way back home from church/lunch and I turn on to the road my apartment is on. It's a well-traveled road and has a good bit of traffic. Speed limit is 40. People routinely go faster.

I leave the light to turn on to my road and am behind a green Nissan Sentra. The guy is obviously in no hurry, as he's doing about 35 mph. As I am accustomed to these situations, I get closer to him. There's about a car length between us. Then I see his lights flickering. He's tapping his brakes. At this point, we're down to about 32. We're crossing a dam and there's no one in front of him. He speeds back up to around 37 and I follow suit. Then he gives me the finger.

I smile and wave.

Speed continues to float between 35 and 37 with moments of brake tapping on his end. Whatever. I'm almost to my apartment complex. We pass the speed limit sign. "40" it says. He points wildly, indicating to me what I already know. I point at the sign also, meaning to say "you are going too slow. Be a Nashvillian and drive 5 over like everyone else. You have 3-5 mph more that you could be traveling."

I turn on my blinker and begin my merge into the turn lane to my apartment.

He brakes and swings over into the turn lane without signalling. He turns into the drive and sort of half blocks it and slams on his brakes. I have to do a little maneuver to get around him and I notice that he's rolled his window down. Obviously, he wishes to chat.

Fuck that. I drive through the open gate to go home.

And he pulls in behind me.

At this point, I begin to worry. I haven't ever noticed his car before and he didn't enter the turn lane or complex in such a way that everyone else does. I don't think he lives here at this point. So I drive to my apartment and half think about parking. But there's not really anyone around, so I drive around my complex, which is a big loop. And he follows me. I keep making the loop and half think about flooring it and getting the hell out of there trying to lose him. But I make the loop and stop at a stop sign. I decided to park, get out, and if he confronts me, then fine. I'll see what happens.


So I turn from the stop sign and park in a spot near my building. The intersection and his car is roughly 25 feet from where I park. I shut off my car and look over at him, expecting him to get out of the car or pull in behind me and block me. I don't know. I was ready for a confrontation.

But he pulls away and exits my complex.

He did not live here.

So now I'm high on adrenaline and really think I need to buy a dash cam to document this insanity. I'm hoping that the facts of what he was doing—following a man into his home, expecting something—hit him and he realized it wasn't a good idea. I'm VERY MUCH hoping he isn't planning to come back and do something now that he knows roughly where I live.


In my haste, I was unable to get his plate number. But he was driving a teal Nissan Sentra on Davidson County plates.