I was pretty sure I wanted a Fiesta ST, unfortunately, my wife nixed the idea of having to drive a manual trans and since our 20 year old son lives at home-the insurance was killer-I guess the insurance companies are hip to what a Fiesta ST is......

Soooooo...we went to 3 different Ford dealerships and between all 3-there was maybe a dozen "regular" Fiestas between all of them. I looked at the Fiesta Titanium, it was almost 21 grand....not that impressed for the money.

Some (most) of you are gonna cringe, but we went to a Hyundai dealer and I looked at an Elantra-it's a bigger car, has more options then the Fiesta for about the same money with a longer warranty.

Not 100% sure about this yet, going for a test drive in the next couple days. Looks like I am going to have to wait until our son graduates college and moves out before we get a 3rd "fun" car.