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So...I watched Fate Of The Furious (NO Spoilers)

Huh...You know I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this movie, but I smiled from start to finish! My nomination for best vehicle goes to...

A character’s private jet. It appears to be based on a Boeing 787 but smaller and with a neat garage in the back.


They got the windows pretty on point too:

The only part of the movie I disliked...no HATED, was the scene with the car swarm. Now here’s the thing, it’s not that I hated the scene itself, but rather the inclusion of cars that by no stretch of anyone’s imagination could ever be hacked into and controlled. Sorry, but there’s no auto-drive in an ancient Prius, a Panther taxi, or an old Saturn.


The newer cars featured in the scene at least make sense with drive by wire systems and some basic automation.


Other than that whole scene, I loved the movie! I hope they don’t bring back Paul Walker’s character as F8 proves that the movies can go on without him.

ETA: Now, “loved” has to come with an asterisk. I loved this movie in the sort of same way I’d love a Transformer’s movie. Turn off reality and slink into mediocrity, plot holes, and bad CGI...

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