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So I went and saw a Protege5 with my friend today

He's in the market for his first car, and he needs something practical. He wants it to be a manual and be fun to drive. So, the Protege5 fits the bill. The one we saw had nothing wrong with it mechanically, but some cosmetic things were odd/broken (dumb wheels, werid LEDs in the windshield wiper fluid sprayers, and a foglight was cracked). It was a solid car, had no rust (a problem with Protege5s), looked straight, and had a clean carfax. The only other problem with it is that someone clearly smoked in it, but my friend didn't seem to care too much. Overall it was a good car, although a tiny bit overpriced for its mileage ($4,995 for 149k miles). Tomorrow he might test drive it with his dad, and I really think he should get it, its a cool little car. http://hepperlyautosales.com/cars/2002-mazd…


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