OK, not the real Kenya. But the DC Folklife Festival is an annual celebration of different world cultures, and this year's highlights were Kenya and China.

Traders and obviously fishermen rely heavily on boat transportation, and they carve the lumber and fittings by hand. Pretty amazing work, since I've never built more than a table myself, and even that wobbled.

In a country with limited material resources, recycling is vastly important. Beer cans make for awesome headwear.


And sculptures like this giraffe are made entirely of recycled flip-flops.

Musical theater usually bores me to tears, but the traditional Chinese song and dance was actually pretty neat. This dance told the story of rival suitors attempting to woo a maiden with their superior reed-playing skills. Think of it as an ancient form of soap opera.


All in all, a really fascinating event. If you're ever in DC during the summer, I highly recommend it. In closing, here's a dragon of the non-Wert variety for you.