and ended up seriously considering its stable mate instead...

The e24 was in overall good shape, a little rough around the edges, but perfectly good for the age of the car. What let it down though was not the state, but rather the re-fitment, of the interior. Especially the dashboard area.

At some point the fascia, centre console and seats have been off/out completely and re-fitted by someone who just doesn’t seem to care about all those little plastic tags that hold things in place. The HVAC fascia could be pressed into the dash quite easily, the gear selector fascia was holding on with one of four tags, and the driver’s seats hinge was completely broken between the back and the base.


Tie this to the perished window and sunroof seals, badly repainted and rusting sunroof panel, torn rear seat leather, and some quite nasty scars on the inside of the b-pillars, it all adds up to a big fat NO for me. Too many little things that need sorting out to make it somewhat nice inside. Normally this stuff wouldn’t put me off a car purchase, but I don’t want another project, and some of the items are almost prohibitively expensive for what they are. It’s £230 for the front door window rubbers alone!


So to the stable mate, a fairly immaculate automatic 190e 2.5-16. THAT is a well maintained car inside and out. No visible rust anywhere, incredibly solid interior, an absolutely different class compared to the e24. I kinda fell in love a little bit.

I didn’t take any other photos of it unfortunately, but does anyone have any experience with these? Some forum users reckon the automatic is a dog, knocking all that is good from the car with lazy shifts and an uninspired response, but I’m inclined to take some vBulletin posts with a decent pinch of salt.