If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

So i went to the annual Tri-State Prelude meet.

Im 99% sure i was the only all OEM prelude there. Everyone else changed one thing or another (and more). I guess that makes me unique?haha. Anyways, ill post up more pics tomorrow, as i didnt take a camera, so ill wait to find pictures from the guys who had cameras. haha, let them do the camera work.

Which prelude do you guys think i am?

About 20-25 showed up. But the mall cops of the park yelled at us for trying to save spots for the other preludes. Which i thought was just stupid... cause stupid mini vans would park between each of us a few times. Oh well, what can you do..


and, yes that prelude has no bumper, and is boosted.... with a dump pipe right in front of his wheel. that protrudes about 5 inches..

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