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So, if you're gonna steal a pickup truck..

Don’t park a 20' long, quad cab extended bed truck, with a cap on the bed,

Illustration for article titled So, if youre gonna steal a pickup truck..

out front of your apartment complex, where it can easily be seen. (Photo for representation purposes).

Someone, obviously lacking in the intelligence department, decided to steal my dads ‘99 Dodge Quad Cab, extended bed pickup this morning. Luckily, said thief parked it out front of an apartment building along a major roadway, and a friend of my dad’s saw it, and called the cops. They arrived pretty quickly, and waited to see if anyone came out to try and drive it away. Apparently, that didn’t happen, so the cops are dusting it for prints, so my mom says, and my dad hopes to get it back sometime today. I’m not sure the condition, but there wasn’t anything in the back for them to steal.

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