Before I begin, have a 3G Prelude for reading:

Anyway, I’m a ricer and have one of those 5 panel wink mirrors on my car.

I couldn’t find a picture I have of it installed, so here’s a photo off the internet:

I actually really like the mirror; it provides excellent visibility and I think it looks cool. It’s also a nice conversation piece for passengers (especially those not really into cars). However, it had some slight to mild vibration while driving—nothing I couldn’t get used to but hey why not try to fix it, right?


I was doing some research on it and found that other people had issues with vibration and also where the mirror would sag/warp in the middle due to heat during the summer (windows rolled up, parked in the blazing hot sun). One guy got some 90* aluminum stock and ran it along the top and bottom of the mirror in the rear. He also made some custom mounts instead of using the ones the kit came with but his mounts are principally the same as the stock ones. Allegedly this fixed the vibration and the flex/sag. Allegedly.


I got tired of moping about my perpetual single-ness the other day and thought that maybe some light ‘wrenching’ would get my mind off things and cheer me up. Went to home depot, picked up some aluminum and JB-Weld and some time later arrived at this:

Installed it and took a drive and the vibration is like 2-3x worse. Before the ‘fix’, the vibration was there but perfectly tolerable and now when I hit a bump it looks like there’s a biblical earthquake happening on the road behind me. I JB-Welded the aluminum on there so it’s not really feasible to remove now.


Anyone have any advice on how to reduce the vibration? I don’t even care about eliminating it at this point, I just want less vibration. My next course of action is to buy some rubber washers and fit that between where the mount is affixed to the roof and also between the mirror and the mounts, but the internet has mixed reviews concerning the effectiveness of the rubber washers.