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So, I'm Happy...

Couple months ago I had a chance to buy this exact golf cart from someone moving away, for $500. It was a decent price for an old gas golf cart. But...it was still too much for me at the moment because 2nd car shopping took priority. Well, the cart has been at my grandparents for a few months or so now, and whenever I inquired about it they either shrugged it off or just said they were repairing it. Weird, right?

Today I went over for a air compressor nozzle and they spilled the beans. The previous owner got a newer used cart, and this one happened to die to. They then decided to give it to me, for free, but gave it to my grandpa to fix up. So he’s making it road-worthy now, which is epic.

Why is this awesome? Because for a long time I’ve wanted two things, a 2nd car and a golf cart. Now I have both, one I got for free and the other I got for cheap. I, I couldn’t be more excited about this. Golf carts are fun, hands down, and now I got a fun toy to drive around in while still being near home.


Also, yes, those are boat seats in the back. Riding on them is slightly frightening because there’s no bars to keep you in a place. Which is half the fun I think. Also as a parent, no kids allowed in the back unless they are a teen. And no one is allowed to drive it unless they have a license. Yeah, I'm that kind of parent.

Now....to convince MrsZtp on a cool paint job....

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