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So I'm quitting my job Monday.

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After over 8 years at my current job, Monday I am going in to work to quit my job.


The funny thing is I have been on vacation the past 3 weeks, and my next two are paid paternity leave.

Thursday I got phone call, and I was offered a job. Better salary, better advantages. But I have to drive one hour to get there and one to get back. 200km (125miles) daily of northern Canadian rural highways.


So since I may at times do 1000kms per week we decided that my wife is getting the pathfinder. She knows I hate her 2011 Elantra and it’s time for it to leave or lives.


Wacko is officially now car shopping.

Went and test drove the the 2016 Manual base WRX with my wife and our 5 month old son. And well as I expected I would love to DD to work. But the with the prices of gas here, i have to include more reasonable awd manuals to the mix.

I’m searching for used awd manual cars in Quebec and well no so surprise here it’s mostly WRXs and STI.

But stumbled on a 2014 manual Impreza 5 door with 55000 Kms with leather/gps sunroof for 12000. That’s less than half the price of the 2016 WRX I tried, and has better mpgs .


Fun or responsible car decision for me to make. Well at least i’m officially not working the next 2-3 weeks I have time to decide. All I know for sure right now is

Bye-bye Elantra, I will not be sad to see you leave.

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