So, I'm scrolling through the Mecum listings for Kissimmee...

And the listings are a complete shitshow. I’ve found cars listed as:

- Having a 427 in the headline, and the detail says 390

- Headline says automatic (weird in a 421-powered ‘63 Catalina), then detail says 4-speed manual (it’s a manual, duh)


- Listing for a ‘69 442 convertible that has a 350 in it. WTF???

EDIT - and now I see a ‘57 Chevy ‘210' that’s trimmed out as a 150 - based on the interior shots, I think it really is a 150, unless someone put a lot of effort into ‘cloning’ a 150.

If you think you can trust them when they say ‘number matching’, bless your heart.

Caveat emptor

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