See, the rear bumper on Killer Queen still has that annoying adhesive from when the Pierce County Sheriff’s website was lettered there. I’ve attempted Goo Gone on it, multiple times, and the adhesive is still there, in that mocking outline.

I’ve gone and bought 1000 grit and 2000 grit sandpaper at Home Depot (among a plethora of other purchases), and I need to know what is needed to, let’s say, polish that bumper cover after I’ve used the sandpaper on it.


Don’t say “wax”. Because that is what you do *after* you’ve finished cleaning up any scratches, et cetera. Waxing is a protective step, not a restorative step. This is what every single god-damn automotive group on Discord has told me, and I just facepalm every single time.

What material do I motherfucking need to polish over the sandpapered surface? What is the work process?


I mean, I could google it, but they’re mostly YouTube videos with shitpile automated subtitles that do nothing to help my deaf ass.

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