Last winter/spring, I test drove a lot of cars - and since then, it occurred to me that there are a LOT of great cars out there that I have never experienced. So, I’m creating a ‘bucket list’ of cars that I at least want to experience at some point. And now I am looking for Oppo’s help on what is missing from my list.

Basically, it’s a list of cars that seem like they would be fun on some level - and there’s a bit of a purpose to this, because some time in the next year or two, I intend to buy one of these cars to replace my ‘00 3 series convertible. Needless to say, it’s missing cars that I’ve already driven, but I’m sure it’s missing a lot more - what am I missing? What’s YOUR bucket list?

Camaro SS (current gen - hate the visibility, but still want to drive it)

Mustang GT (current gen)

Fiat 124 Abarth (to see how it’s different from the ND)

ND Miata (the 180 HP version - I’ve driven the current one)

Porsche 996 (Turbo? I’ve driven the 997, the 991 is out of my league)

E90 M3

E46 M3

E39 M5

E34 M5



Recent Corvette

Aston Martin (pref. V12)

And a bunch of not so recent cars:

C2 Corvette

‘60s land yacht (I’ve owned one, but it’s been a long time)

‘60s muscle car (I always owned the ‘base’ models)

Alfa GTV (105/115 — saw/heard one 5 months ago in California and have been lusting ever since)


BMW 2002tii

R32 GTR (obligatory, I suppose?)

Ferrari - any with a gated manual

British sports car - ideally a big Healey

E30 325is - it’s the only 3 series generation I haven’t driven, and many feel it’s the best

So, whaddaya got?

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