Getting everything cleaned up and giving it some TLC. I am down in the suspension bits and I see the A-arm bushings are all pretty much shot. They are still solid its just a question of how long. Being that I am pulling the A arms, that means virtually everything has to come off. brakes, rotors, springs, etc.

So while the A-arms are off and getting new bushings, should I... (I know, right? like Oppo would ever lead me in the most monetarily safe path...)

Upgrade the rotors / springs / dampeners ?

I can do all the bushings with poly bushings, add cross-drilled and slotted rotors (still looking for a pad to match but I think EBC has something), adjustable Konis and progressive rate lowering springs for just a little over a grand.

I mean, other than the bushings, everything works good, but...