Right, then...

A couple of weeks ago, I had to rent a wheelchair accessible van to move my mother in to a nursing home in the Bay Area. My open hatred for Chrysler products is well documented, so of course I wound up a Dodge Caravan. First thing was that - to be fair - it had a damn fine A/C system which was good. Second, when I looked in the back it was yuuuge!

The transmission sucked (upshifted too soon, so the engine lugged) and generally hunted around. But...it got me thinking about a minivan.

Now, last weekend, GF, daughter, 2 dogs and I did a trip up to Chico to see her mother for Mother’s Day. Since becoming domesticated 4.5 years ago, I’ve had to get used to having to bring a shocking amount of shit on road trips, in addition to needing room for the dogs. The XC70 is generally a large car, but not quite large enough for this mission. It’s worse when we go camping.

When I got the XC70, I told myself I’d keep it until 200K miles. It’s at 192K..and summer is coming and the A/C doesn’t work that great. All of these mixed together has me looking at minivans. Honda is off the list they hosed some friends of mine that had a Ridgeline that burnt up...Honda really had a good opportunity to score some loyalty points on that...even the folks at the dealer and on the customer service hotline said that there was something very very wrong with that...but in the end, they told my friends to piss off, so no business for them). The Kia looks good but I’m not about to spend that much on Kia. We already discussed Chrysler products and Nissan is right out. Toyota Sienna Limited, it is: I like the leather, GF likes the heated seats and the daughter likes the second moonroof. For the ~$30K budget I have, there are good examples...problem is: They’re all black, white, gray or silver. The red ones are hard to find (at least in my price range).


The point is: I’m easing into minivan life...and I’m remarkably OK with this.

Now I need to find some good stickers to put on the back window (when I get it...)