Just read that Butch is no longer the Vols head coach. We all knew it was coming, so now it’s time to find a replacement. I have a few I wouldn’t mind seeing and one that can fuck right off.....

Gruden is pretty much the top candidate as far as all the media outlets are concerned. He’s been out of coaching for a little while now and hasn’t coached for a college team since 1989. I’m on the fence on him, plus he isn’t gonna be cheap. I dunno of he would be a good fit, but that’s just my opinion.

Les Miles has been my pick ever since the rumors started circulating that Butch would be fired. He knows the SEC well and has a good overall record. He may also be expensive, but he has the experience.

Dan Mullen is another name that has been kicked around. He has helped MSU become a decent team again, but he’s another one where I dunno if he would be a good fit. At least he is currently coaching, so there’s that.

Lastly, for those media outlets that are saying to give him another chance (which there are a few) I will say this.... Fuck Lane Kiffin.