Two wheels bad, I know. The kind you have to pedal, worse. I know!

Worse? The spare tire around my midsection. Solution? Bicycle pollution commutin'!

Weigh in, Oppo, with your suggestions. Note, I am a former avid cyclist who (whom?) competed competitively in competition when I was a lad in high school. I rode dirt, I rode road.

When it comes to cycling, I'm no novice.

Buuuut, I have been out of the game for a while (has it been a fucking decade?) and sold my '05 Brodie Holeshot a couple years back and I'm not sure what I want to do about getting back in.


A part of me wants a rigid frame with squishy front forks, ala my recently reassigned Brodie. Another part of me wants to look at a hipster fixie from a purely aesthetic point of view. Yet another part of me says, "Build your Kuwahara Newport frame into something you'll enjoy."

I'm not sure yet.

The daily commute won't be that long, a half dozen klicks at best, and faces only moderate hills. Given the summer months, I expect that weather won't be a big issue meaning that skinny, low resistance tires might be an option.


Anyway, Oppo, what're your feels on the subject matter?