At work we have grown so much as a department that we are now doing “get to know you” stuff in our weekly meetings. They sent out a questionnaire for us to fill out to be used for this effort. Being the smartass that I am I was unable to do it seriously.


1. Where were you born and raised?

West Philadelphia, its where I spent most of my days.

2. How many siblings do you have? Where do you fall in line?

I have 4 siblings, when I fall its usually not in line…that would be awkward unless you have a fainting problem I guess. Maybe it’s a mineral deficiency? I should get that checked out.

3. If you are married or dating someone, how did you meet your significant other? What did you do on your first date with that person?

I have known my wife since grade school. Our first “date” was when she asked me to a dance.


4. If you have kids, how many do you have and how old are they?

I have 2 kids and as of this writing they are 3 and 5 (subject to change)

5. Where did you attend college and what degree(s) did you earn?

I went to the U and I earned my BS degree.

 6. What is the most fun thing you’ve ever done or the most memorable moment you’ve ever had?



7. What is one experience you have had where you had to step way out of your comfort zone?


See question 8

8. What are your hobbies and interests?


9. What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

A heart.

10. What is your favorite vacation spot? What other places have you visited?

I have visited lots of places, my favorite to date the maze district of Canyonlands national park


11. What is your favorite food and restaurant?

I’m having a hard time finding a restaurant in town that prepares capybara meat pies just the way I like them.


12. Who is your favorite artist or band?


13. If you could own any car, what car would it be?

Any one car is insufficient. My 3 car garage is my 80 series land cruiser, a Lotus esprit V8 in British racing green and a BMW 507 TS coupe


14. Who is your celebrity crush?

Flo (from progressive)

15. If you could be a super hero, who would it be or what power would you have?

My super power is to not have to eat, drink or breath. Life goal of walking across the pacific here I come!


16. What was your first job?

Sorting tiny nuts and screws to be sent into space to study the effects of weightlessness on tiny nuts and screws.


17. What was your weirdest/craziest job?

Eating pennies for nickels.

18. What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing what you are doing now?

Oh to have my penny eating career again, but it wasn’t sustainable for a family…too much change.


19. Who is your “best friend” at work? What is that person’s greatest quality, in your opinion?

I don’t like putting one work friend above the rest, its more of a friendship continuum. But we should definitely just remain friends.


20. What is something surprising about you that very few people know about?

I’m only mostly as handsome as is popularly believed. Still pretty handsome though.