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A question that I need to ask sooner than later, and is probably overdue.

Anyway some of you have probably read about my struggles with depression that culminated (so far) with me being discharged from a temporary-stay psychiatric ward as of just yesterday (which ended up being 144 hours - granted still temporary but still one of the most trying experiences of my admittedly pretty soft life). Many of you have praised my non-suicidal/non-psychotic writings before, and a few of you who have read my post about my stay in said psychiatric ward even said it flowed pretty well. Even my discharge psychiatrist agrees that I should get a job either being a writer/author or in a related educational field as that's probably the best fit for myself and a good way towards occupational therapy that's in turn a good fit (I'm currently studying to be a teacher but it will still be a good year or two until I can realistically get my teaching license). I've also been speaking to other people on OppoLock and other Kinja/Gawker blogs about getting part-time or full-time jobs in various conversations - I've gotten two leads to submit work to two separate websites and I plan to take them up as soon as I can, but unfortunately recent events and struggles have delayed that somewhat. Anyway, I'm just kind of wondering if any Opponauts or others out there might be able to lend some ideas as well. If anybody from GroupThink or other blogs encounters this as well and like to share, absolutely please consider this my full permission - but at the same time don't feel it an obligation either. I guess in the meantime I'll concentrate on continuing on with my school studies, actually getting those articles for those two websites written up, some other things I've been wanting to publish on Kinja (gotta build up my portfolio of course), other writings, reading books and of course trying to get better.


Anyway, here's a public domain image of a Fairlady/240z for your troubles, and many thanks in advance

EDIT: Also would people mind if I repost this every now and then? I'll admit feeling a little desperate (especially now) but at the same time I don't want to spam Oppo and try to make it my own personal job search engine.


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