So, I've been a little's an update on my life!

Yes, this is ours now (read: my wife's) and we got it the day after Christmas! It's a 2011 in Synergy Green (roughly 4500/100000 Camaro's were that color in '11) Only 35k miles. Always owned and worked on in my home town. Previous owner visited the car on several occasions before we bought it. She loved it!

Next, the dealership I work at just got our first $21k Colorado and it's pretty cool! We also just got our first Trax and it's definitely gonna do well here! Lots of attention and interest. (Pics to come)


Also, if you're a part of iGP, I apologise for missing the last couple's been hectic at work and home. I hope to be back on this weekend!

Finally, it snowed and my little R/T got a little taste of winter and she liked it.

Also here's a garage shot!


Good luck in your next life, PT. You've treated my wife well for many years!

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