...and I know this is ridiculous given the time frame but I want Oppo's insight anyway. In 3-4 years I should be at a salary stage where I can afford something I really want. Because I have the same sickness as most of you, I can't stop myself from window shopping now. Here is my dilemma: I really want a wagon (you all are painfully aware of this) by then a CPO V60 or a 328 Touring will be within striking distance. However, I also really enjoy rowing the gears on my commute, it is one of the few things that makes my drive worthwhile. So there is a part of me that is leaning CPO F30 328 or something similar. Yes I know I can sort of have it both ways with the TDI Sportwagen, but as nice as it is, it just doesn't excite me. In 3-4 years I might be over driving stick, in which case wagon it is, but I might not. Have any of you faced a similar dilemma? I've been lusting over wagons forever, but I know I don't really "need" one. If I were to purchase new today, given the choice between the automatic sport-wagon or the manual sport-sedan what would be your verdict for me?

Even the auto-match maker needs a second opinion.